Version 0.2 is in progress!

Yes, I'm still alive and working at my game.

I've implemented a lot of stuff, for example it's now possible to connect the game with Steam and start an online game. But because I haven't uploaded Bunker Up! to this platform, it won't be a feature of the next update.

But there WILL be new features!

A list with all planned improvements can be found at the end of this article.

But first to the date in which the update will be published:

I'm not sure when you're able to download the version 0.2, but it's planned for this or the next year. I know it sounds after long, but I'm still in school and I have to work a lot for it and I'm also just one person who has to do (nearly) everything for the game and I have to test everything I change and it's a lot of work. At the moment I'm finishing the online part of my game and then I will work on a local multiplayer. You'll see why when the next update is published.

And now to the list of changes I've made until now:

(elements in the list are: finished, nearly finished or still in progress

- The look of the interfaces was changed

- Added audio settings

- Added music/interface sounds

- Added Steam-Online-Subsystem

- Changed fonts

- Changed order of interface elements (it's more nicely and easier for me to change elements)

- Added possibility to change the character

-Changed the design of the default character

- Improved translations (by the way, sorry for my English)

- Fixed a lot of bugs

- Set a maximum number of signs for the name of a new game

- Improved "Load Game" menu

- Improved/changed something that I have forgotten (I'm sure that I forgot something!)

You want to give me a feedback or you have proposals for new features?

Write them in the comments or contact me at!

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